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Pub/Sub Bus


A Pub/Sub bus, short for Publish/Subscribe bus, is a messaging system that enables asynchronous communication between different parts of an application or system. It functions like a central communication hub where:

  • Publishers: Emit events or messages containing information about something that happened (for example, a user logged in, a product was purchased, a sensor detected a change).

  • Subscribers: Register to receive specific types of events. They're notified and receive the published messages whenever an event relevant to their interests occurs.

We explain an example of Pub/Sub bus which is a Server Side Chat Application.

    function main(_, ws) { // defines main function
    const ws = this.scriptForge('myScriptForge')//ScriptForge integration
    const {publish, subscribe} = require('cxPubSub');//Pub/Sub Messaging:
    subscribe('chat', data => ws.send(data))//Subscribing to 'chat' topic
    wc.on('data', data => publish('chat', data))//Publishing to 'chat' topic

Thus, this code:

  1. Establishes a WebSocket connection through ScriptForge.
  2. Integrates with a Pub/Sub messaging system.
  3. Subscribes to the 'chat' topic to receive messages and forward them over the WebSocket.
  4. Listens for incoming data on the WebSocket and publishes it to the 'chat' topic, making it accessible to other parts of the application that might be interested in chat messages.