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ConnexCS is a comprehensive telecommunications platform that offers services encompassing call routing, billing, security, and analytics.

It's designed to meet the diverse needs of telecommunication carriers, helping them manage their operations efficiently and deliver high-quality services to their customers.

The ConnexCS Web Application platform allows you to rapidly develop robust applications through ConnexCS distributed platform.

You may also integrate communication capabilities.

App Platform ins ideal for WebRTC Applications, Business Applications, Data Interfaces, Control Panels.

With our Drag 'n' Drop editor Page Builder, it becomes so easy to create the face or front-end of these applications.

The various Components of the Page Builder help achieve solid integration and interactivity.

The Back End is delivered by Script Forge, which will allow you to access Databases, Publish/Subscribe Bus, and Environmental Variables.


It's not designed for a Website builder. It's a Web-App builder.