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An iframe component, short for "inline frame", is an HTML element that embeds an external web page within another web page.

In the context of forms, iframe components can be used to integrate third-party content, such as maps, calendars, or payment gateways, into a form without disrupting the form's layout or functionality.

Use Case

  1. Integrating Third-Party Content
  2. Encapsulating External Resources
  3. Responsive and Adaptable
  4. Dynamic Content Injection
  5. Cross-Origin Communication

Some of the examples may include:

  1. Embedding Maps
  2. Integrating Calendars
  3. Displaying Dynamic Content
  4. Encapsulating External Tools


  1. Passing Data to the Embedded Content.
  2. Triggering Actions Based on Embedded Content.
  3. Communicating Between Multiple I-frames.
  4. Handling Security Considerations:




We're working on the methods. We will come back to you soon


Name Description Icon
ID The I-frame component's unique identifier
Width [Optional] Width of the I-Frame window
Height Height of the I-Frame window
URL Provide the link for the webpage you wish to display in the I-Frame
Custom Class An HTML class attribute which allows further customisation See Form Attribute > Style Sheets
Attribute Action Enable Hidden action to hide the field

First time User?

If you are using the Page Builder components on the ConnexCS platform for the first time, we request you to use our guide on steps to use the Components.