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RTP Block

Setup Advanced RTP Block


This feature is also known as Block Media IP. In simple terms, it enables you to block an IP address from sending media.

Steps to enable RTP Block:

  1. Go to Setup Advanced RTP Block and click on the + button.rtp1

  2. Enter the IP address in the CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) field you wish to block..rtp2 For example, if you are using a single IP address you may use format.

  3. If that IP address exists in the RTP section and the call contains the IP adress in the SDP section, then the call will be blocked. You will be able to see the SDP section in the INVITE header in the SIP Trace.

  4. Click on Save button.

  5. After the settings have been saved, you may check the Status in Logging.