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Setup Config Contracts

Manage Contracts using ConnexCS to increase integration and compliance.

You can request customers to approve a contract before they can dial, or if they 'haven't approved a contract after a set grace period ends.

Create Contract

  1. Click on the button.
  2. Name the contract.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click on the new contract Name.
  5. Under Contract Revisions, click .
  6. Paste your contract in plain text.
  7. Click Save.

Contracts Revisions

Contracts are immutable, meaning that neither you nor the customer can change a contract once it's saved.

You can issue a new Revision with new / updated contract requirements. This requires the customer to sign again.

Assign Contract to a Customer

  1. Go to Management Customer [Your Customer] Contracts, and then click .
  2. Select the Contract (the most recent revision is automatically chosen).
  3. (Optional) If you select both the Grace Date and Required, the customer's account will remain active until the set date.

    At that point, if the contract isn't signed, the account is then suspended.

Plain-text signature

"Signing" a contract is the user's input of their name into a text box.

We don't perform any further checks on this, nor do we make any claim that our system is proveable in court.

If you wish for a more robust verification system, we recommend you use a dedicated online signature system, and we can assist with the integration if required.