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Management File

The File section can store a variety of files, including (but not limited to) audio files for PBX (Private Branch Exchange), rate cards, or a logo for your portal.

Add new file(s)

  1. Navigate to Management File Public then click Bulk Upload at the top of the page and add the logo.
  2. Navigate to the desired directory, select one or more files, then click Open.
  3. The file should appear as the next item on the list if the upload is successful. (You made need to refresh the list.)

Recommended dimensions of the logo: height: 75 px and width: 300 px.

  1. Navigate to Setup Integrations Portal.
  2. Click on the name of the Domain you want to integrate the logo.
  3. A dialog box will appear, click on Advanced option.
  4. Then click on Upload logo and Save it.

Upload Errors

If an error occurs, check your browser settings and operating system for things like firewalls or pop-up blockers which may prevent uploads of a certain type.

Specific file type functions

  • Text to Speech: Under Audio files, select alt text. Enter the text, select the voice, and define the file name. To preview the audio, select Play Voice. When the audio is ready, click Save. In addition, we also support SSML for our TTS.
  • Download: Use Download to download a file you've selected.

Remove files

Select a file from the list and then click the trashcan button.