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Button Builder

Developer Button Builder

Use Button Builder in combination with Pages to create a button that you can place in an existing menu on the site.

Example use

Create the ability to select one or more customers / DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing)

  1. Supplement with additional information from a form.

  2. Then, run Script Forge to send that data outside the system or perform bulk operations that may require repetition.

Create new button

Click and complete the following fields:

  • Label: Enter the button label.
  • Icon: Select an icon to display.
  • Type / Colour: Select the button colour.
  • Tooltip: Include a brief description of the button.
  • Area: You can select the region where you place your button like Control Panel, Customer Portal or Webphone.
  • Placement: This selection will display the button at the top of the Customers list, Carriers list, or Invoices.
  • Company: Select the company from the drop-down.
  • ScriptForge: When you click the button, select Script Forge (if any) to launch.
    • Function: It has 2 uses:
  • The selected function will executes when you select ScriptForge.
  • When using services like the Webphone, the function can perform additional tasks on the page, like placing or terminating a call.
  • Page: Page is the dynamic page that the button opens when clicked.
  • App: Select the application you want to place your button.
  • Min / Max Select: When there are no choices, the button is still accessible. Limitations entered will apply mix/max limits to the selection.
  • Sort Order: You can use this option when you have multiple buttons. It lets you select the arrangement of the buttons. The lower the sort order defines which ones comes first.
  • App: You can select an application where you want to place the button.

Click Save to make the new button available for placement.