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Detailed Features

The following is a comprehensive list of features included in the latest stable version of ConnexCS.



  • Contract Management
  • Contract Revision Management
  • Grace Period before contract approval
  • Auto close route if contract not signed



Authentication (Contacts)


Authentication (Providers)

  • Outbound Proxy Support
  • Perimeter De-Normalization (Send in the carriers required format)
  • Codec Restrictions
  • Carrier Username / Password Registration Support

Rate Cards

Compile Customer Cards


Direct Inward Dial Management

Caller Line Identification Management

Call Distribution

Calling Cards

Provision Management

  • Support for all major phones
  • Phone Book Support
  • Per Line Configuration
  • Package Assignment
  • Custom Variables
  • Custom Templating
  • Integrated with Calling Cards for softphone deployments

Circuit Test

Status Page

Control Panel

  • Single control panel for all servers
  • Realtime updates from server
  • Smartphone Compatible
  • Multi-Langauge
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Timezone
  • Microsoft / Google HMAC OTP
  • YubiKey Hardware Security Token (WebAuthN)
  • Duo Security
  • Full API Support
  • High Quality Data Tables with custom collations & data piviot
  • Bulk Import
  • Bulk Edit / Delete
  • Quick Save
  • Quick Help Buttons
  • Per Page Audit Trails
  • Live Channel Counters & Graphs
  • Global Edit (Bulk view for customer components)
  • International Numbering Plan Database

Customer / Carrier Portal

Class 5 Private Branch Exchange



  • Detailed Customizable Breakout Report
  • Realtime / Daily / Monthly
  • Per Customer & Per Route
  • 3 Months minimum history
  • Custom Date Range Selector
  • Channels / ASR / ACD / Attempts / Connected / PDD
  • DTMF Reporting (Count the amount of calls with DTMF passed)
  • Failure Report
  • CLI based ASR
  • Provider Report Per Customer
  • Channel / CPS Breach Graphs (Identify if blocked calls are because of Channel / CPS Restriction)
  • RTCP Reports (MOS / RTT / Packet Loss / Jitter)
  • Build your own Reports
  • Spend Report
  • Profit Reports
  • Customer / Provider Traffic Attribution
  • Per Carrier Failover Report (Identify calls which failed, then succeeded through another carrier)
  • Carrier Code Consistence (Compare Commonality of response codes for similar numbers between carriers)
  • Cost per DTMF
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Per Number Analysis Reports
  • Live SIP Registrations

Technical Tools

Call Logging


Call Deatil Record

  • In Browser Vie
  • Download
  • Custom Range
  • Custom Columns
  • Multi-vector Query Support
  • Optionally Infinite Data Retention

Infrastructure / Platform

  • Backups
  • Auto Archival
  • Custom SMTP Server
  • Built in SMS Delivery (SMS Cost included)


  • Deploy Multiple Servers
  • Deploy in Multiple Zones Worldwide
  • Instant Deployment
  • Load Balancers / Dispatchers
  • Custom UDP, TCP, TLS, WebRTC Ports
  • Cluster Capabilities
    • Share Channel and CPS Allocations Globally
    • Inter call routing
    • Shared User Location Registration
  • TLS Certificates free of charge (TLS & WebRTC)
  • Capacity 302 Redirect

Session Initiation Protocol

  • Topology Hiding
  • Force NAT (Where NAT detection isn't possible)
  • Intercept Reinivite (Handle Reinivites actively)
  • Active SIP Pinging
  • Advanced Session Timer Management (Active & Passive)
  • Disconnect calls after X seconds
  • Custom First Reply, Pre & Post Ring Timers


Domain Name System



  • Multi User Login
  • IP Restriction
  • Multi Groups
  • Customers can use several security groups
  • Granular Permissions (80+ Definable Areas)
  • Microsoft / Google HMAC OTP
  • YubiKey Hardware Security Token (WebAuthN)
  • Duo Security
  • Idle Auto Logout


  • Firewall
  • Auto Detect & Block Hack Attempts
  • Platform Intelligence


Advanced Management

  • Global Prefix Sets (Dialstrings / Strategy)


Global AnyCast SIP, highly scalable, lowest latency worldwide, eliminated SPOF on the edge.

Application Programming Interface

We've done our best to compile a detailed feature list. However our product is growing day-by-day and you should interpret this as a minimum. As with our powerful customizations, you can do more.