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Use the Conference feature (also known as a Conference Call or Bridge) to allow several callers to communicate with each other over a voice call. Once created, callers join the call, and the moderator presides.

In this section, view all the configured Conference groups:

  • Name: The name of the Conference.
  • Extension: The dial-in numbers for callers to reach the Conference.
  • Active Participants: All callers who have joined the Conference.

Edit Existing Conference

  1. Click on the existing Conference name to edit the following fields:

Field details:

  • Name: Conference room identifier.
  • Extension: The dial-in number for callers to reach the room.
  • PIN and Moderator PIN: Configure the Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Moderator PIN for more security. They're required to enter the room.
  • Quality: Set the amount of bandwidth available per caller in kilohertz (kHz):

    Narrow Band- 8 kHz (G711)

    Wide Band1- 16 kHz

    Ultra Wide Band- 32 kHz

  • Max Members: Limit the number of concurrent callers this conference must allow.

    Note: The preset of '0' Max Members allows an unlimited number of callers to join the conference.

    alt text

  • Click Save to keep the new settings.

Conference calls for external callers

Only internal callers can use the above-mentioned standard Conference configuration.

To allow external numbers to dial into the conference, set up a Customer DID and set the Destination to Internal, and then select the available pre-configured conference.

(DID: Direct Inward Dialing)

Conference call keypad options

Callers can use the keypad to control the audio on the conference call.

Key Result Description
0 Mute Mute your microphone. The other callers can't hear you
1 Vol talk - Decrease the volume (sensitivity) of your microphone by 1 unit
2 Vol talk reset Reset the volume (sensitivity) of your microphone to the default value
3 Vol talk + Increase the volume (sensitivity) of your microphone by 1 unit. The other callers hear you louder
4 Vol listen + Increase the volume of the speakers by 1 unit. You hear other callers louder
5 Vol listen reset Reset the volume of the speakers to it's default value
6 Vol listen - Decrease the volume of the speakers by 1 unit
7 Energy + Increase the minimum energy threshold by 1 unit (Only when you speak, the background noise above this threshold get bridged into the conference)
8 Energy reset Reset the minimum energy threshold to it's default value
9 Energy - Decrease the minimum energy threshold by 1 unit
* Deaf/mute Mute your speakers and the microphone in one action
# Hang up Disconnect the call and leave the conference