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Direct Inward Dial

A DID number is one that exists on the public telephone network. When dialed, the carrier delivers through the platform and to you, based on the settings configured here. This allows inbound calls to bypass a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or another routing to connect directly to the destination number.

To edit DID (Direct Inward Dial):

  1. Select one DID by clicking on the number, or select multiple and then click Bulk Edit.
    • URI: Set the Destination DID (number or extension) and Destination IP to forward calls to, or a specific Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) (formatted without the initial sip:, for example,
    • External: Prefix sends the call to the internet and then the number to send the call to.
    • Internal: Send internally to an extension, a Class5 feature, or even to another customer.
    • Circuit Test: in progress
  2. Click Save.