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Management Customer [Customer Name] Payments

View a complete list of all previous Payments.

Global Payments

You can also manage Payments under Global Payments, which displays all Payments across the account.

Add Payment

To add a new payment

  1. Click

    • Description is the name of the payment.

      If you wish to hide any information on the customer portal, use # followed by the text to hide.


      PayPal 87878787744XXX #payment from the demo.


      Add a # symbol for starting a private comment to store private information along with the public information.

    • Total is the amount of the payment.

    • Payment Fee (Ref Only) For payments made through PayPal or another external payment system, the Payment Fee field is automatically filled.
    • Status allows you to set the Payment to Pending, Cancelled or Completed. Pending and Cancelled payments are not included in the balance calculation.
    • Email Confirmation: If enabled, once you save the Payment, an email is generated to all Contacts configured on the customer informing them that the payment has been received and applied to the account.

    alt text

  2. Click Save.

Pending Payments

When a customer places a payment through their bank, it shows Pending status.

To accept the payment, set it to Completed and click Save.

Negative Payments

If a customer has made any kind of purchase on the account, it is shown as a negative amount on the main Payments page > Total section.